Ambassadors for Girls Empowerment Day

According to Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia, Mayor Judy Johnson of Lawerencville, and three other mayors from Maryland, a proclamation has been made, stating that May 20, 2017 is a day of focus on the young girls of our communities. On this day, our communities will come together to empower and support our girls.
The move toward Girls Empowerment Day was initially made by Trinity Girls Network, which was founded on July 2016 by Dr. Jacqueline Mohair. Dr. Mohair received the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award for establishing an organization that empowers young girls and ladies. The organization encourages girls to achieve more through education, entrepreneurship, and technology.
By eradicating poverty and ending abuse with young girls and women, it is the hope of the organization that the nearly 70 million children around the world today who cannot get a basic education (of which, more than half are girls), will be more able to receive that education.
Educating these girls can break cycles of poverty, and research shows it could be done in just one generation. Girls who get an education tend to marry later in life, have fewer children, earn higher wages, and support healthier and more prosperous families of their own, thereby continuing the cycle of prosperity rather than poverty.
While we recognize one day will not be enough to change the world, it is an incredible first step toward ridding the world of poverty through empowering our young girls to live better lives. Empowerment of (and the investment in) the girls our communities is a key factor in breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence. While ridding the world of these evils, we will also be promoting and protecting their human rights.

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